4 September 2007


So I must be in the running for the "Worlds Worst Blogger" award seeing as it has been 2 months since I posted. Sigh. I spend a fair bit of time on the computer for work and noodling around on the net, reading other peoples blogs etc etc and I have discovered that I have nothing interesting to say. Nothing. Zip. Nilch. Nada. Its quite disheartening and perhaps thats an underlying reason why I haven't posted. I am having an identity crisis of some sort. Why would people want to read what I have to say? Does anyone care what I think what I feel? I read so many blogs that make me think of them in random moments of my day, their words have impacted me in so many ways, sometimes big ways and sometimes small ways. I wonder if I will ever do that to people? I feel like I have so much inside me that I am going to burst, yet I can't seem to convey it to anyone. Sigh. Its hard work somedays let me tell you.

Not much has really been happening over the last 2 months, just the day to day stuff. Ayesh is doing really well with her glasses and wearing a patch for a few hours each day. We are back to the eye docs this Friday so fingers crossed their is improvement. Kindy is still a joy for her and I am really loving this age, she is learning in leaps and bounds and is so inquisitive - no simple answers for this girl, she needs the nitty gritty details.

I am off to Brisbane in 2 weeks time for an artsy fartsy weekend with a bunch of wonderful women. I am really looking forward to it but dreading it at the same time. It will be difficult being away from Ayesh, interstate, seems so far away. I know Nick will be fine with her, but its my job as her mummy to worry. Im also worried about the creative side of things, there has been NO creative flow here in months. Mojo has left the building. Hopfully being around the other girls will kick start me in amazing and wonderful ways.

A girlfriend and I have booked into the Art Journey Retreat next year to do a Misty Mawn class. Misty is one of my most favourite artists in the world. Now how do I hang out until May - its so far away.

I think this will do for now, I shall strive to blog more often


maxandmimasmummy said...

You are definitely not the worst blogger, there are a few of us around. I updated mine yesterday for the first time in about 6 weeks. I had absolutely nothing interesting to say so I didn't post at all during August.

YAY for Artsy Fartsy!

JanColElla&Hudson said...

Well I've been checking regularly for updates darl - very interested in everything you have to say!!!!

and YIIIIPPPEEEE only a few more sleeps to go before we get to drinl lots, eat chic and create - I'm sure your mojo wll hit you like a brick when you get here :)
Can't wait to see you again xxx

Dani said...

Surely I am the world's worst blogger? 2 months between posts is nothing!