30 August 2009

I Promise To Try...

....and blog more often than once every 2 months.

I have such good intentions. I really do. I take pics. Of everything. I think about blogging. I read every one elses blog and think, ohh I can join that on my blog. Only for some reason I never get around to doing it. But im going to try. And if for some reason I dont, can someone kick me up the backside?

So whats been happening the last couple of months. Hmm.

Well Miss A has had a bad run health wise, a nasty virus at the end of term 2 (june) wiped her out for quite a while and since then she's been sick pretty much all the time. She's just gotten over a bout of pre-pneumonia and I was very worried. My poor girl was so sick, her breathing was in distress and she had a monster fever of 39 for 3 days. Thankfully she's on the mend and I am hoping that this is the last of her share of Bad Health.

Apart from being sick, she's so fabulous. Each and every week I fall in love with her even more that I already do, which is monster loads. Shes funny and caring and loving and so full of attitude, she constantly makes me laugh. Will try and post some pics of her.

Mr N has been travelling with work for the last 4 weeks. Nothing far and away, just up to Sydney but its far enough. Its his birthday on Tuesday and Miss A and I are flying to Sydney to have dinner with him on his special day then we are going to spend the day seeing a couple of the sights around town then head back to Melbourne. Can't wait!

Miss A and Mr N are over in Perth at the moment so I have had the last couple of days all to myself.

Oh. My.

It has been bliss! I had all these exciting plans in my head but the weather has been pretty crapola so on Saturday I slept. And lazed around the house in my jammies. And slept some more. I havent been that lazy in years and years and years and I loved it. A yummy dinner with my girlfriends on Saturday night completed a fab day. I am looking forward to them coming home though, i've had no kisses or cuddles since Thursday and I miss them!

I went on an art retreat thingy up in the Dandenongs a couple of weeks ago which was blissful. Will post a couple of pics soon of what I got up to.

So that is my news for now. I shall return oh so soon with some links of some FAB blogs I have come across that you might like and some pics.

Whats been happening in your world?

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