9 January 2010

Angelina Ballerina

I took Ayesh to the Ballet to see Angelina Ballerina - so cute and a perfect 1st ballet to see. 

Yum cha for lunch after that which is one of my favourite ways to spend a day. Bliss!


Danielle said...

HI Kirst, so lovely to see you blogging again it looks fantastic.

I really wanted to fly down to see that {with effie} f course but we just couldn't fit it in with luigi being os. I'm off to catch up on the goss

So good too know your still bobbing around

Kirsty D said...

Hey Dani, im still kicking around - trying to amp it up a little and actually blog weekly! How are all you guys going? Hope all is well xx

Danielle said...

Were doing really well. Were living up in Nebo at the
moment and I'm sitting on the couch listening to the rain. Bliss!!