1 January 2010

Welcome to 2010

Ahh a new year has rolled around yet again and this year I feel a change is in the air.

Without going in to all the dark and depressing details, I've had a really emotional, hard and draining last 2 years. My relationship has been stretched to the limit and thankfully survived, my happiness has been lost a lot of the time and my general outlook on life has been negative. Frankly, I've been through the wringer and back and I don't want to go there again.

But not for this year. Nah uh. I'm not doing that again.

Cos you know what? I actually have a ton of brilliant things in my life, good things that far outweigh the things that I don't have. And actually, things don't matter all that much. They really don't.

My happiness matters, and the memories I help create for my family matter. And looking for the good in each day matters.

So I am moving forward into 2010 with a brilliant new mindset, a clear mind and a happy heart and I know that these are the foundations for a fantastic new year.

I'm not one to really make a lot of resolutions as I'm fairly certain I'm not going to keep them so this year instead I made a list of 31 things I want to accomplish in the next 12 months and big brave me is going to share them here for the whole world to see. If they find my blog that is!

Gulp. Here goes. I'm hoping that by putting them out here its going to kick me in the butt and really make them happen! (These are in no order whatsoever of importance - just random things that popped into my head)

1. Start a vege and herb garden
2. Read a book a month
3. Be more creative - paint and make something at least once a month
4. Go on 3 weekends away
5. Write in my journal every day, listing 5 good things for the day
6. Remove the sheds from our garden
7. Go to 3 theatre shows or concerts
8. Learn how to properly crochet
9. Sew at least 2 outfits for Ayesh
10. Make new curtains for the Komby van
11. Throw a dinner party and entertain more
12. Do a monthly pedicure at home
13. Use eye cream
14. Do at least 3 online art/craft courses
15. Walk at least once a week
16. Eat outside more often when its warm and sunny
17. Cook something new every month
18. Fill my recipe box with fave recipes
19. Sweep the front porch more often
20. Play more board games
21. Ride my bike
22. Drink more water each day
23. Make one vegetarian meal a week
24. Try to eat fish at least once a month for dinner
25. Bake more
26. Make our yearly photo book
27. Buy a new plant for the garden every 2 months
28. Go on at least 6 dates with Nick
29. Be in bed before midnight 3 times a week
30. Blog weekly
31. Laugh every day and find my happy place

Some of these are going to be a challenge, but hey, sometimes you need to push yourself.

So I look forward to crossing off these items as they happen and to share my life with you.

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