12 June 2007

Arty Farty Day

We were housebound today whilst the car was being serviced so out came Ayesha's art box for an arty farty day. Perfect day for it as it was cold and rainy in our world. Squeals all round of excitement at the prospect of creating and making wonderful messes.

Her masterpiece of the day was a ballerina music box thingy of which she is super proud!


maxandmimasmummy said...

Arty Farty days are the best! Looks like Ayesha has inherited her Mama's love of all things artsy fartsy, that ballerina music box thingy is fab!

jo capper-sandon said...

Well, all I can say is if her Mum is half as talented as her gorgeous daughter we are in for a treat with this bog...awwww look at that proud smile :0)

JanColElla&Hudson said...

That little box is so cute, what a clever girl, just like her Mum!!
Your girl is so gorgeous. xx

keelysmum said...

Keely loves arty farty days too....although we don't make boxes like Ayesha!!! I love it. Ayesha is ever so cute, she takes after here gorgeous mum. Steph