22 June 2007

Hip hip hooray!

Tomorrow afternoon I am off with 3 lovely ladies for a weekend of arty farty goodness. I have packed a suitcase, yes a whole suitcase, just of arty stuff in the hope of creating something wonderful.

Did I mention there will be no kids?

Or husbands/partners?

Just girls?

Im super excited but im really going to miss Ayesh as well - this will be pretty much the first time I have spent overnights away from her - eek!

We are going here - doesn't it look divine? Im hoping its going to be really cold and rainy so we can light the fire and not feel guilty for staying inside alllll day.


Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max. said...

hi Kirst! I've just discovered your blog through Jan's. Hooray.

Have a super fabulous weekend. I'm so envious. Enjoy. Sleep hard. Create hard. And have fun.

I can't wait for our weekend away in September! Can't wait to meet you - finally.

peace and love to you xxxx

keelysmum said...

Kirsty, found the link to your blog via Sharon. What a weekend - divine. I loved the Winery we went to on Sunday, definitely going back there. I love your ACT cards - you are one crafty woman. Look forward to catching up with you soon. Steph x