1 July 2007

An exciting week

My weekend away with the fabulous Sharon, Jan & Steph was sensational. Amazing. Inspiring. The cottage was PERFECT, I want to go there again and again! Healesville is a beautiful part of the world, I would definately recommend anyone to go and spend some time there.

So there was lots and lots of giggles, heaps of chocolate and bottles and bottles of champagne and we still managed to creat some masterpieces. The girls are very talented, if you check out Jan's blog there are some pics there of what was done. Seriously, the girls were churning out layouts like there was no tomorrow. All I managed was 2 types of ATC's, a name tag for each girls and a birthday book thingy. Sheesh! I will upload some pics ASAP, my card reader is playing up and I can't get the pics off the camera. I missed Ayesha incredibly, it was very hard not having her kisses and cuddles but I survived, and it made our return so much sweeter to know that we were missed. Its amazing how at first I felt so incomplete without her there, that being a mum and having a child is what defines me now as a person, but after a day I could feel more like the old me in a way, that I can be myself without having Ayesh around. It was all a bit of a weird feeling, not having her there, but a good weird. It was good.

Nick & Ayesha had an awesome weekend together as well, I think it was sensational that they spent a "daddy & daughter" weekend just the two of them, something that doesn't happen often. They went to the footy together and their beloved footy team won (which I think was the first game all year LOL) went out for lunch and went for a picnic. Nick is an amazing dad, him and Ayesh are such good friends, they love doing stuff together, even if it doesn't seem that exciting, the fact its the two of them is enough. Its really heart warming to see.

The other big news is that my little Ayesha got glasses and does she look spunky! She has been so good at wearing them all the time and only taking them off for shower or bed. Im really proud of her. At this stage she has to wear them full time, we go back to the opto in 6 weeks and fingers crossed her eye has improved. If not, then it is on to an eye patch for a while. Again I will post a pic soon.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Sounds a wonderful time you had... albeit strange without lil' Ayesha. Looking forward to the pics.
And well done Ayesha on your glasses wearing. I best you look adorable.

JanColElla&Hudson said...

I had an absolute ball, thank you so much lovely!! You are one very talented chicky, looking forward to the next one now!