22 January 2008

Remember me??!

Time is slipping away from me faster than I would like, life just seems to crazy and out of control lately that im finding it hard to catch my breath!

So I know its been a while since ive posted so let me try and think back to whats been happening in our crazy world.

Ok so first up there was Christmas. Wow, that seems so long ago!! Having a 4.5 year old daughter makes for a magical, truly amazing day. The excitement in the air, the anticipation of Santa visiting and then waking on Christmas morning to find out that he did come and left her exactly what she wanted just makes your heart soar, seeing that magic and awe on her face and hearing the excitiment in her squeals is worth every single cent that you spend. We had a great day, lots of love and cuddles. Im not blogging from home right now so I will post some pics soon.

New Years Eve was hot hot hot. But fun. We had some friends over at our house for a BBQ and drinks which was a hoot. Very late night but luckily the hangover wasn't too bad the next day.

Ummm lets see. I went back to work in November supposedly casual but pretty much full time over the last couple of months. Im pretty over it actually, im over not seeing my gal each day and spending quality time with her. I miss hanging out with her. Lot sof learning curves in our family at the moment, learning to function as a 2 working parent family. Its interesting.

So on the creative front I have done DIDDLY. No time, no energy, no mojo. I spent the last weekend with my amazing wonderful beautiful loving friend and for the first time in ages I did something. Something creative. Not necessarily fantastic, but it was artsy fartsy all the same. Must try and fit more time in to be more creative, its my favourite release, my time that I am most "me". Its on my mental list of things to change this year, lets hope I can make it happen!

So I guess thats it for about now. Theres so much running around in my head but im not quite ready to release it into the big bad world of blogs. Maybe one day

Be happy

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