5 February 2008

Hurrah! First day success!

So the first day of school was amazing. Ayesh looked so damn cute and grown up and proud and excited and ready. Ready for the big challenges and adventures. Ready for fun. Ready to learn.

I know I am biased, but is this not the cutest, happiest girl?
By all reports the day was a big success, and so have the others that have followed. She is just loving it.
I sobbed.
And sobbed.
But only when I was in the car when no-one could see me.
I am so proud and even more in love with her if thats possible.


keelysmum said...

Kirsty, she looks very grown up, very excited and very very gorgeous in her uniform. What a gorgeous looking girl. I am so happy to hear she loves it. Take care. Love Steph xxx

maxandmimasmummy said...

She looks absolutely thrilled to be going to school. I hope she has a fabulous time and just blooms!

Max on the other hand is not happy that Ayesha has gone to school because now she can't come over and have a play and a sleepover.

*young love*