5 February 2008

My very last twenty something year

So on the 3rd Feb it was my birthday and it is my very last year of being in my twenties.

Part of me is really jiggy with that and im really really looking forward to being in my 30's and a part of me is a teensy bit sad. Does it mean I have to grow up now? Do I have to start acting a certain way? Whats acceptable behaviour for a 30 something year old?

Then I thought to myself, I've never really followed rules before and I'll never grow up so whats the big deal.

I had a lovely lovely day. Well weekend really. Saturday night went out for dinner with Nick's family to a Turkish restaurant that was heavenly. Everything about the night was fantastic, including the MALE belly dancer. Hubba hubba. Happy birthday to me. After that I met up with some girlfriends at the Belgium Beer Garden and had lots of drinkys. Home about 3.30. Not so pretty.

Lovely sleep in on Sunday morning followed by lots of snuggles and kisses and presents in bed with my 2 favourite people. All feels right with the world when there are family snuggles in bed, my heart is at peace. Had a yummy Yum Cha lunch with my fabulous girlfriends and their hubbys and kiddys. Was nice to catch up with them all and share a meal. Coffee and cake at a Cafe that night and I was done. I was very spoilt and I loved every moment that I had.

My boy has tripped off to Perth for a week and I am very sad. I was born in Perth and moved here to Melb about 8 years ago, and I still consider Perth home as well as here and I miss it to bits. So im a bit grumpy that he is there and I am not. On the flip side its for work so its not like he will have heaps of time to enjoy himself. At least he better not!!! On the flip side I booked my ticket to Kalgoorlie and I am off there for the school holidays for my sisters engagement and to catch up with my mummy and daddy. Bliss. I feel relaxed just thinking about it!

So thats all from me for now - hope all of you in the land of blog are fine and dandy


keelysmum said...

Hi love, great to hear you had a lovely birthday, and like my birthdays they seem to go on and on, love it. I just love birthdays, especially when your showered with love and cuddles from loved one. Fabulous news that your heading home during the school holidays, you will love spending time with family, I know what its like being away from them....hard. Look forward to catching up with you soon....xxxx

maxandmimasmummy said...

Glad you had a fabulous birthday darling girl, you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Hope you have a fabulous time in WA with your folks, I know how much you miss them xx

jan said...

Happy Birthday Lovely!!!!
Sorry I missed it but I'm very glad to hear you had such a great time and that it went all weekend -that's what should happen!
Ayesha looks so gorgeous and grown up in her school uniform. She looks a lot like you in that photo in the post below.

Woohoo for a trip home too, nothing like getting back to your family and friends, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. xxxxx

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Kirsty - Just read this post (I am very behind with blog reading!!) and see that you are coming to Kalgoorlie " in the holidays"! As I live in Kalgoorlie that is of great interest to me!! Any chance we could catch up for a coffee or a drink or just a chat? I'm assuming you mean the April school holidays? Don't worry if it isn't possible - hopefully I will meet you at the Art Retreat! Which day are you doing Misty's class? I think mine is Friday.

Dani said...

buggery boo. Are you gone all holidays? I was hoping for a good ol' fashioned catch up.

Dani said...

and BTW I've tagged you for a meme http://www.thekitchenplayground.com/2008/seven-things-meme/


Sarah said...

loved looking through your blog,ill be back!!!