11 June 2008

New dress

Do you like my new dress?? Isn't it pretty! My friend Sharon had a link on her blog with freebie blog templates and this one kinda took my fancy. The only prob was that I lost all my blog links so I have spent the last hour or so trawling through my faves to add them here, hopefully I have them all now.

Will post some more in the next couple of days, been a few things happening in my world, some good, some bad.

Sweet dreams for now xxx


maxandmimasmummy said...

Love your new outfit, it's fabulous!

I changed my template the other day and lost all of my links too. I was so worried I'd really farked something up so I changed back to normal and added all my links again. I still want to change my template but I need to wait until Drew is home and he can tell me what I'm doing so I don't stuff it up again. According to the template instructions you can save your links but I don't quite know how.

I think the new template suits you! xxx

dani_luigi said...

LOVE IT!!! Totally you. Ash is gorgeous, can;t believe she's FIVE!!

How is school going?

jan said...

Ooooh Pretty!!! I love it, it looks gorgeous!