22 June 2008

Why is it all so hard sometimes?

So I have been in a big stinky grumpy mood for weeks now and I just can't seem to lift myself out of it, which is not like me at all. It seems that everything around me depends on me to hold it all together, that everything seems to be such a struggle, that there is never time for the fun stuff anymore. Work is really busy and taking a lot of my energy, Ayesh is a typical vivacious 5 year old that doesn't have an off switch, or a quiet one. And to be honest I wouldn't have her any other way. Dear non-hubby is busy busy busy as he is off to Beijing in 4 weeks. Im going to miss him soo much as he's gone for 6 weeks!! 6 weeks!! Crikey, thats a long time. Gulp. I guess its a culmination of all the little things chucked together with the winter blues. I haven't even had time or head space to be arty and that annoys me too. Boo hoo.

I know that my life is very blessed and that there are kazillions of people in this world who have it a lot tougher than I do, but this is my blog and I can be all woe is me if I want to!!!

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Debbi Baker said...

Ohh Kirsty - don't be too hard on yourself! It sounds as though a lot is happening in your life at the moment. Maybe just try and find really little ways to do things just for you - even 15 minutes a day can make you feel a bit better! Sending you hugs...